Consider A Discount Dental Plan

The cost of dental care, just like everything else, has risen over the years, and is now beyond the reach of many American Families. The recent changes in how health care in general is delivered to the public has affected dental care as well.

Many families relied upon their employer sponsored health insurance to also provide their dental insurance, as it was normally part of the employee benefit package. Now, it is less feasible for the employer to cover its employees with medical insurance due to the high fees that are associated with the process. Thus employees are routinely being dumped onto the Marketplace, or the exchanges that are a part of Obamacare.

This leaves the employees on their own when it comes to obtaining their dental insurance coverage, and they are discovering that it is either not available to them, or if it is, the expense is prohibitive to the point that it is unaffordable. For example prices of $80 to $200 per month are not unusual for a family of four.

Add to that the fact that new insureds have waiting periods of up to 6 months to a year before any meaningful coverage is available, and they still have to pay the high prices, many people are just opting out of the dental coverage altogether.

Add to that the annual cap of benefits is set at $1,000 to $1,500 per person, and it leaves you wondering why you are paying all that money for such a small benefit.

This has become a trend, as it is estimated that up to 45% of Americans now have no dental insurance at all.

However, there is a better way to go, and that is the discounted dental plan. The price is much cheaper to begin with, as that family of four can get coverage for only $25 to $40 per month, and there are no waiting periods and no caps.

The trade off is that you will pay a little bit more for services as they are received, but when you factor in the overall costs, including premiums, you are way ahead of the game.

Dentist are buying into the concept more now too, as they see the lower costs are driving consumers back to the dentist’s office, and that is a good thing.

It really boils down to everyone sharing a part of the overall cost more evenly, thus everyone wins.


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