The Verdict – Is Beer Bad For Your Teeth?

Everyone has heard about how wine stains your teeth just like coffee, but what about beer? Sure, beer has other health consequences if consumed in large quantities, but what about social beer drinkers? Certainly, many people would hesitate to think that beer could be any better for your teeth since it is still alcohol, but what’s the verdict?

For starters, one thing everyone knows about alcohol in general is that it dehydrates you. Sure, you can take steps to help keep your mouth hydrated when you’re drinking beer, but who is really always going to be prepared each time they get ready to have a beer?

Besides, since beer is naturally dehydrating, it is going to affect your teeth, even if you do take precautions. The more you drink, the more consequences of course, so people that consume beer every so often or just a few drinks a week might not experience the dental health consequences as much when it comes to a dehydrated mouth.

With a dry mouth, the dental consequences you face include bacteria that can cause cavities, and of course acid damage is in overdrive. Alcohol is itself acidic, so this is a double whammy. And, while social drinkers may start to feel safe thinking they don’t consume as much alcohol, you’re about to find out why that may not be the case.

Think about how people drink alcohol. You may not be the one chugging beers and drinking everyday, but when you’re drinking beer, sipping it slowly can be just as dangerous. Enjoying two beers over a two hour period of time ends up making your entire mouth prone to all that acid. Why? The pH balance of your mouth has been compromised, and is staying compromised the entire time you’re enjoying your beers.

Too much alcohol consumption actually contributes to oral cancer risk, no matter if you’re drinking beer, wine or liquor. So be aware of this fact as well. You can see now that beer in every way is detrimental to oral health, especially if you are one who smokes when you are drinking.

Does that mean you should be scared of beer? No, as many other beverages you drink and foods you eat also can contribute to oral health issues. But, now that you’re educated about beer, and the fact that alcohol is worse on your teeth than many other substances, you can carefully enjoy your consumption.


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