What is a Discount Dental Plan?

A discount dental plan is not actually dental insurance, but it works like dental insurance. Most of the discount plans will have a wide network of dentists and dental practitioners who are available.

With a discount dental plan, there are no restrictions on pre-existing conditions or prior dental conditions, and there are no waiting periods, as treatment is available as soon as a person enrolls in a plan.

In most dental insurance plans, there is a waiting period on most types of coverage, except for cleaning of teeth. In other words you will pay your premium, only to have to wait for any kind of coverage for 6 months to a year. If you need to have a filling, for example you might have to wait 6 months to be covered, and up to a year in order to have a root canal.

Most traditional dental plans will also limit you on the amount of coverage that is available to you. For example you may only have $1,000 to $1,500 of dental coverage in a year’s time. That might be good for about one root canal and maybe nothing else, where you would have to wait until the following year to get your crown for the root canal.

With a discount dental plan, you will have coverage right away, but you will still have to pay some of the bill. The discount plan pays part of the bill and you pay part of the bill. The nice thing is that you will know pretty much from the beginning what certain dental procedures are going to cost you.

A good comparison of a discount dental plan is that in a way it is similar to a membership in a warehouse club, in that you pay a fee to be able to access the availability of dental care, at an extreme discount, and you have no annual caps on coverage and no paperwork at all.

The discount dental concept has really caught on everywhere, as it is very convenient and easy to use and pay for. The monthly premium for a traditional dental plan for a family of four can run in the $80 to $120 per month price range, whereas the monthly cost for a family with a discount dental plan may only be in the $20 to $35 per month price range. It is no wonder why discount dental programs are exploding all over the country.


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